The fact about social media is that we often tend to add people who we do not know personally or think we have met at some point but forgotten all about. Many times, when we get a friendship request from someone we do not know but we still tend to add them looking at the number of common friends we share with them. However, adding such people who you do not know personally or cannot really vouch for is not just unsafe but at times can even land you in trouble if the person begins to impersonate you or steal your sensitive data and share it under their own name or account. This is also how majority cases of cyber crime take place and identities are stolen.

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Madhu Shah

Recently, a lady named Madhu Shah has been creating multiple fake accounts on Facebook and adding people through all her accounts. Just search the name Madhu Shah in Facebook and you will come across multiple search options. The images used by the person are the same or similar in nature. On opening the account, either there are no status updates or any other details provided or just simply, shared motivational quotes, random images or pictures of jewellery! Majority of the accounts have the profile picture of a mature Indian lady in a salwar kameez and the cover picture is generally of some deity – either Sri Shirdi Saibaba or Goddess Vaishno Devi. There are no personal details or details of her life in any of these posts.

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There have been multiple warnings issued by people against the Madhu Shah profile with many warning users to not accept a friendship request from someone in her name or to unfriend her instantly if she is in your list already. Also, many users are asking people to share the information with their friends by asking them to unfriend her and report/block her profile. While the profile with the name Madhu Shah is still existing on Facebook, the number of profiles has reduced or has been updated with slightly different images so avoid suspicion once the announcements against her went viral. As some of the accounts are not public, there’s no way of knowing who the person actually is.

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There are many theories floating around with regards to these accounts. While some feel it’s just another spam account created to spread links and random promotional activities, there are others who are a bit suspicious. Many are also asking parents to be aware and not post any details about their children on social media from where their details can reach the wrong hands. Girls are also being advised to not share their pictures on Facebook or have restricted settings for their pictures. While the profiles might be harmless for all intents and purposes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Oh, and if you have a Madhu Shah in your friend list – Unfriend, Report and Block her please!