The world would be a scarier place to live if human beings knew exactly what lies in the future. Or maybe better! Like there are certain times when you realise ‘oh my God! Had I knew this before, I would have stopped this from happening…’. A man in China was probably singing exactly the same tune after realising what happened to him.

So, as per a report published in The Shanghaiist, a Chinese man brought a little animal home thinking it was a puppy. He found the tiny creature at the doorstep of his friend’s home in a small mountain village. Since it was dark and he didn’t want the little animal to be lost or hurt, he picked it up and decided to raise it. A few days after he brought it home, he realised that it wasn’t showing the traits of a puppy. The man was confused because he couldn’t figure out what animal was it if not a dog. He wrote a blogpost about his situation asking people to help him find out what animal was it.

All because the internet is a good place, people pitched in and finally it was revealed that the tiny dog looking creature was… and wait for it… a RAT. The man laughed off at his fate and gave up the animal. Majorly because he thought he wouldn’t be able to take good care of the rat.

The animal, now a famous rat, we’re discussing here, belongs to the family of bamboo rats, which are found in the Southern parts of China. While these creatures themselves are treated as a popular delicacy in some parts of the country, they live their lives eating onto bamboo.

Surely one of those incidents when you look up and ask ‘seriously, out of all on earth… meeee?’