When we travel by public transport, we are used to the crowd and the bumping into each other at times. yet when a man deliberately touches you or makes an inappropriate gesture, you come to know at once. There have been multiple cases of people touching women inappropriately on public transport or sexually harassing them. While catcalls, whistles, whispers as they pass by, etc are the most common, there are many who get blatantly sexual and aggressive and try touching a woman inappropriately multiple times. It’s honestly a pain for women and they do not know how to deal with it most of the times. It’s as insulting as shameful and embarrassing.

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Here, in this video, we see a girl take a shared auto and sit next to a guy. Though there’s a lot of space between them, he keeps brushing her “accidentally”. He touches her inappropriately multiple times and even shifts closer so he can brush his thigh against her. that’s not all, he soon pretends to fall asleep and drops his head on her shoulder! What does the girl do next? Does she get off the auto? Or does she complain to the driver? Does she take that man to task herself? And does he repent or apologise? What about the other passengers in the auto? Do they not come to her aid? Do they just ignore her?

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Well, the questions are too many and while this video does answer them, it also raises a few more questions. If other men see a woman being harassed right in front of them, isn’t it their duty to stop that man? Will they show their anger only if it was their own friend or relative? And what about women? If a woman insults the man and shames him in public, what about the man’s retaliation? What is the guarantee that he won’t hit back? we’ve seen people in the past where they have not only harassed or abused the girls but then even exacted revenge when the girls tried to shame their harassers in public by throwing acid on them or through other vivcious means. While this video does provide one solution, it also makes us wonder as to how difficult will it be for a woman to feel safe. or will she ever?