Paris attacks left the world stunned and sowed a hatred against Muslims in the French capital that seems to have only intensified with time. With many condemning the entire religion, there have been times when it has made it difficult for Muslims to survive in the region. However, the phenomena is nothing new. Each time a “jihadist” or Islamic terrorist group attacks any nation, there is hatred against the particular religion with the lives of the Muslim people living there suddenly made difficult. And it is not just the side glances or refusal to talk to them – it is present everywhere from denying them jobs, making it difficult for them to find housing and racial profiling against them at every step.

Paris attacks by ISIS were some of the most horrific attacks in recent times with many losing their lives and thousands getting injured. The attacks left the capital of a strong country shaken. There were instances of Muslims being thrown out of their jobs or people shunning Muslim cabbies/shops as they were scared. But then, how prejudiced was everybody? Were people wiling to rise over their fear and hatred/phobia to embrace someone despite them being a Muslim? A Muslim man in Paris decided to test.

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After each attacks, we often see people standing and asking for hugs. Most of these hugs have been done by Muslims again, in different cities either after attacks or just as a social experiment to see if they are still loved and how strong the racial prejudices are. However, the results are always surprising with most people walking up to them and hugging them. But when a Muslim man decides to do the same in Paris? What do you think people’s reactions are?

The Muslim man stood near the place of mourning for the victims of the Paris attacks in Place de la Republique with 2 placards. While one of the placards read, “I’m a Musulman (Muslim man) and I’m called a terrorist.” The other placard said, “I trust you, do you trust me? If yes, hug me.” What were people’s reactions? Did they hug him or did hatred over-ride any love left? Watch to know!

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