This is a comic video dedicated to all the husbands who work hard every day to make their wives look beautiful in the Instagram pictures.

This hilarious video is posted by Emmy-winning Missouri talk show ‘The Mystery Hour.’ This video is framed in a confessional style where helpless men telling their tales of pain.

One guy begins by saying “My name’s Trey, I’m an Instagram husband,” and “I’ve had to delete all the apps off my phone to make room for more photos.” Then, another guy says “It’s become a pretty big problem, it takes so long to get anywhere because we’re taking pictures of our feet.”

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me…and a brick wall,” another laments. The role of these unsung heroes of social media has been perfectly captured by the Mystery Hour.

The men in the video are clearly depicted as bored, bitter and humiliated.  This video is funny enough but the humor hinges on the fact that men usually don’t support women but those who do they are really doing something novel. They are more likely to be the makers, the prominent artists and women cheer them on from behind the scenes.