Aamir Khan and Nitish Tiwari’s dynamic pairing gave us the highest grosser of 2016, Dangal. After the successful delivery of a movie that inspires and celebrates women in the field of wrestling, the duo came together once again to break the stereotype and empower women. The latest collaboration between Nitish Tiwari and Aamir Khan is a short film for Star Plus.The video ad, Gurdeep Singh and Daughters is based on Star Plus’ tagline, Nayi Soch and celebrates women for everything they can be in the field of business and jobs.

The 48-second video ad begins with Aamir playing a happy Sardarji who owns a sweets shop. Aamir is seen proudly crediting his children for promoting his business and giving him effortless business by having an online presence. When the person immediately assumes that Aamir is talking about his sons, who helped in business, Aamir breaks the stereotype by revealing that the entire idea was created and managed by his two daughters. The ad ends by showing the name of the sweet shop, which is Gurdeep Singh and Daughters.

Aamir Khan shared this moving story on his Twitter Page with the caption, “Shooon Te Shaaan. #NayiSoch Love. a.” The brilliant ad has been created by Ogilvy, known for redefining marketing and making impactful ads. Star Plus created this ad to do their bit and break the gender stereotyping. The video celebrates fathers and daughters who have become the beacons of change. Star Plus has been trying to spread a new thinking and changed their shows and series to support the cause. This revolutionary change in the Indian television industry has just had another beautiful chapter added in the form of this phenomenal ad.