We all know the kind of energy Varun Dhawan unleashes as he expresses his zestful self with some really unbelievable dance moves. (OMG! Varun Dhawan reveals how he achieved that hot body for ABCD 2) But away from the usual look-at-me-how-well-I-dance number this particular track from ABCD 2 is more fun and almost always peppy. We are really looking forward to this movie as the chemistry between the good looking duo looks absolutely crackling. In this number Happy B’day we see the two having a lot of fun even as the two indulge in a prank. Both Shraddha Kapoor and Varun look relentlessly naughty in this song. While visually this number is riots of colors and oodles of fun, musically it is hat ke with its quirky lyrics!

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Popular music composer have lent a superb tadka to this album with their composition.  Varun Dhawan’s boyish vocals and Sharddha’s melodious voice make this number youthful and exuberant. We liked this number both visually and musically. Do take a look and tell us if this number has the potential to be a popular party track if not exactly the chart-buster of the year!