Well, well, well.  India might have been one of the most well-known British colonies once but since Independence in the last few decades, looks like the British have completely obliterated their ancestor’s atrocities from their memories! Not only are they unaware about India and Indian traditions (no, we are no longer the land of snake charmers and elephants) and even it’s progress. While Narendra Modi might be a force to reckon with among worldwide leaders as he hobnobs with the best of them and even has a special Obama hotline, the US teens couldn’t care less. For they have no idea who he is! Neither do they know about Shah Rukh Khan, the niggest (arguably) Indian superstar!

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While Bollywood numbers are famous all over, Bollywood stars aren’t exactly recognised in many places out of India and for British teens, SRK might just be some old fellow. Fine, SRK is sort of the non-new age hero. But then what about Virat Kohli? The man’s one of the most popular cricketers and cricket being England’s game, shouldn’t they know all about cricket and cricketers atleast? Turns out not! British teens identify Virat as a footballer! Whaaaa! Ok, ok, we agree it might be as he’s seen playing football in the pic shown to them, but still! It’s cricketer! Clearly, the British teens are neither interested in their once-colony’s history or story.

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But then, it raises the question whether it is essential for them to know the details of every other country. British has had a past with letrally every country and have been colonisers but then those are all tales of the days gone by. With modern technology and in modern times, it might be asking too much of kids and teens to know each and every individual from a once-colony land. India is famous but then it is not one of the big powers and despite it’s economic and social development, it still remains a ‘developing nation’. Expecting teenagers to all might be getting a little ahead of ourselves. While general knowledge is important, kids often prefer knowing facts about places or things they’re interested in and as Indians – let’s face it, they might not exactly be interested in India any more!

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An experiment that definitely teaches us that as Indians, we still have a long way to go. And no, contrary to what we think or believe – the world does not revolve around Narendra Modi, Shah Rukh Khan and Indian cricket.