Un-blush-ed has been one of the few YouTube channels to come out with content that strikes a chord and sends out a strong and clear message. Their videos have been a source of inspiration for many and have managed to be empowering and entertaining at the same time. Their new video is nothing short of their usual and gives you chills in less than four minutes.

Featuring the elegant and beautiful Aditi Rao Hydari, the video, Let’s Dance, gives one of the most soulful experience that you will have. This contemporary dance monologue begins with a dialect of the actual interview the actress had at the studio and goes on to give out the most positive and highly necessary message of the need to live in the moment.

The actress who is a asked the regular question revolving around her past, responds to this question in the most apt way possible by describing her beautiful present. The actress goes on to remind us the importance of loving and celebrating oneself and the entire journey is mesmerizing. (ALSO READ: Aditi Rao Hydari wants to do a dance-based film)

The free style dance video, choreographed by Shampa Gopikrishnan and Bertwin D’Souza is a delight to the eyes and calms the soul. Each beat complement the monologue and the combination of it all, just clicks. The strongest and most inspirational part of the video is probably the dance sequence where sunlight shines off the actress’ body and she glows in the happiness of being her best version and celebrates herself. Watch this enchanting video and fall in love with the best you right here.