Adolf Hitler’s 1939 Mercedes-Benz 770 K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen is going to auction in Scottsdale, Arizona next month. The luxury car was used to carry Hitler around Germany on his victory luxury parade. The car which was one of the only four such models ever built features bulletproof glass and armour plating. It is powered by a 7.7-litre supercharged engine capable of a speed exceeding 160 kph thus known as the ‘Super Mercedes’. Dubbed as “the most historically significant automobile ever offered for public sale”, it will be offered to bidders at the Worldwide Auctioneers event in Scottsdale on January 17. The car which has an imposing four-door convertible will be auctioned at the city’s annual classic car event.

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Hitler paraded through Berlin after defeating France, and for a state visit by Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in the car. The car with the number plate 1A 148461 will be offered to Worldwide Auctioneers event in Scottsdale on January 17. According to Worldwide Auctioneers, the United States Army had seized this vehicle in 1945. It was later used by US military police stationed in Le Havre, France. Eventually, it was donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, which used the car in parades. It was then sold to a European collector in 2002 and then to a Russian billionaire in 2009. According to US media reports, the car could be sold for millions of dollars.

Reportedly, the auction house wrote in a post on its website last week, “The purpose of this display is absolutely not to glorify Hitler and his destructive policies. It is to show you one of the outstanding cars of the century, built by gifted people, and representing the highest in craftsmanship.”

Here is the Facebook post:

But it is also as a memorial to the fighting prowess of American soldiers that we take pride in displaying this showpiece of a fallen dictator. And above all, as a reminder that the evil which this car symbolizes, must never again be allowed to happen.” It also reads that 10 percent of the sale price “will be donated and used to educate how and why the Holocaust happened and how to effectively prevent such atrocities in the future.” The current owner of the car is unknown.