Adorable baby nibbles on first birthday cake, smashes face into it! (Watch video)

We generally celebrate a baby’s first birthday with a big bash, but does the infant understand the importance of his/her one-year milestone? Unlikely, because the baby is just about learning to speak, can barely walk, and has first-time teeth coming out. So, if you place a huge cake in front of the birthday baby, she will invariably dive into it!

And that is what this baby called Lucy does, too. Her YouTube video called Baby eating her first cake has gone viral and how, with 17,412,325 (over 17 million) hits! That’s as much as any movie trailer or song, or some shocking incident video. (ALSO SEE: Baby’s Day Out: This Orangutan adores little baby at the zoo and wants to hold it!)

Lucy is so adorable in her smile and responds to someone calling out to her, and then she decides to simply smash her face on to the chocolate cake! She quietly nibbles along, oblivious to her surroundings. Watch Lucy go at it!