ADULTS ONLY: Kylie Minogue in new song Sexercize - watch video!

So you thought you’ve seen the hottest video ever? Then get ready for this! Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue is chanelling her inner diva in the video for her latest single Sexercize. Her record label Parlophone is sure the sheer raunchiness of the video will drive people to the gym as soon as they can!

The video for the song, penned by the talented Sia, sees the Australian singer take it off, literally. Oh, and there’s a parental advisory warning at the beginning. That definitely came in handy, because we were not prepared for how hot this video really is.

Kylie slips into a rather skimpy leotard, which shows off her immaculate figure. She then proceeds to dance all over the gymnastics equipment while still wearing really high red heels. She also poses in a rather seductive manner at times, and even performs a sexy routine with just a gym ball – bouncing on it suggestively.

The video has her working up a sweat with equally attractive backup dancers, as they all strut their stuff. At one point, there is also a sweaty scene with a fellow dancer, where the two writhe around each other.

One of the more overtly sexual songs on her new studio album, Kiss Me Once, the video has been directed by Will Davidson. One can clearly see that it pays tribute to the iconic video of the song Physical by another Australian singer, Olivia Newton-John.

To further promote the risqué single, Kylie is launching a site called, where fans would be shown a range of visual interpretations of the song. And who is working on these? Well, big names like Jean Paul Gaultier and Hattie Stewart, amongst a host of others. Kylie will also put some of her personal content on the site. Watch the Sexercize music video here: