New Year is just few days away and the excitement in the air is almost palpable. On the New Year Eve people bid the year a good farewell and wish for a great year ahead. New Year’s Eve 2017 will take place on Saturday that is December 31, 2016 and the main festival is celebrated on January 1, 2017. On this day, people even take some resolution which they tend to follow. According to the Gregorian calendar of Christendom, the New Year’s Day marks the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus. New Year festival is celebrated all around the globe with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. New Year is the best time to remember all the memories you have shared with your loved ones. 2017 is coming and everyone is equally excited to welcome the grand year. Read: Happy New Year 2017 Wishes in Hindi

According to the Gregorian calendar, people all around the globe celebrate New Year on 1 January but according to the Roman calendar (at least after about 713 BCE) and in the Julian calendar New Year was celebrated in March. Initially, New Year was celebrated on 1st March of every year, but later on 1st January was considered to have a more religious significance and hence now people celebrate New Year on January 1st. The entire celebration of New Year even starts with some crazy dance, drink including alcoholic beverages and much more to add on. On this day, large crowds gather and attend several shows. Read: Happy New Year 2017 Wishes in English

Here we have a list of 20 Happy New Year 2017 Wishes, Gif Images, Memes, Quotes, WhatsApp & Facebook SMS Messages to send across to your loved one and wish them Happy New Year in Advance. We at, wish everyone a very Happy New Year in advance. We just hope your New Year festival be full of new hopes, aspirations and dreams.  ALSO READ: 2017 New Year’s Resolution Quotes: 20 Best Motivational Quotes, Memes & Sayings


Whatsapp reads: When you are lonely, I wish you Love!
When you are down, I wish you Joy!
When you are troubled I wish you Peace!
When things seem empty, I wish you Hope!
With all above wishes, Have A Very Happy New Year 2017 !!!

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Whatsapp reads: 

My best wishes for you,
Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
peace for March,
No worries for April,
fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec.
Have a lucky and wonderful 2017


Whatsapp reads: 

My Dear Girlfriend,
I Would Like To Kiss You
On December 31st From 11:59 Pm To 12:01 Am
So I Can Boast An Immense Ending To 2016 &
Boast An Amazing Start For The New Year 2017.
Wish U A Happy New Year 2017 !!!


Whatsapp reads: 

Nights are Dark,
but Days are Light,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don’t get Fear Coz,
God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”


Whatsapp reads: 

I met love, health, peace & joy,
They needed a permanent place to stay.
I gave them your address
hope they arrived safely 🙂
“Happy New Year”


Whatsapp reads: 

Good Resolutions Are Simply Checks
That Men Draw On A Bank
Where They Have No Account.
Have A Happy New Year My Dear.

Whatsapp reads: 

What A Grand Thing To Be Loved!
What A Grander Thing Still,To Love!
Like To Spend Time With u,
I Am Completely In Love With You,
u Mean A Lot To Me,
I Wish u The Very Best With A,
Year Full Of Happiness,
And Hope Love, Joy, Peace,
May Follow On Every Day The Whole
New Year Through.

Whatsapp reads: Counting my blessings, wishing you more. Hope you enjoy the New Year in store. Have a joyous New Year, my dear friend!


Whatsapp reads: A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year.

Whatsapp reads: As the New Year approaches us with hopes a new, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year


Whatsapp reads: Another year of success and happiness has passed.With every new year, comes greater challenges and obstacles in life.I wish you courage, hope and faith to overcome all the hurdles you face.May you have a great year and a wonderful time ahead, God bless you.Happy New Year 2017 !!!


Whatsapp reads: 

You see people making new resolution,
People are giving their life another restart..
Here I give you NEW YEAR Wishes !!!
before any other give starts ..
So accept my New Year wishes Messages
Happy New Year 2017!
Whatsapp reads: Just a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around… May the new year add a new beauty and freshness into your life. Happy New Year.
Whatsapp reads:  This New Year I wish that God showers you with His choicest Blessings, Fate never takes you for a bumpy ride, Cupid strikes you with his sweetest arrow, Lady Luck bestows upon you health and wealth, your Guardian Angel keeps your mind alert and bright.
Whatsapp reads: Wishing you a Happy New Year with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.
Whatsapp reads:  Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before the social networking sites get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get congested, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Whatsapp reads: Happy New Year. May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination.
Whatsapp reads: May this new year brings all the crazy colors and fun in your life.

Whatsapp reads: 

As this year is ending, I wish all the negativity and difficulties also end with this year and 2015 bring success and desired results for you.
Whatsapp reads: As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in the your heart forever! Happy New Year!
Imaging credit: Jyoti Desale