New Delhi: Well, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that our politicians can lie at the drop of a hat, be it false promises in the elections or concocting lies to suit their interests. It has become commonplace now and unfortunately, we have accepted it as a part of our lives.

However, something surprising happened in Finland where telling lies cost the Prime Minister his supreme position. Yes, the Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne resigned on Tuesday after losing the support of the coalition partner Centre Party, because the party was angered after the prime minister was accused of lying.

Rinne, who took the office in June earlier this year, handed his resignation to President Sauli Niinisto on Tuesday, December 3. The PM was forced to do so after it was discovered that he has been lying about the postal service reforms and that the central party has lost faith in his governance.

Multiple reports say that Rinne has been constantly lying about the postal services reforms by the government for a long time.

As surprising as it sounds, it is indeed true and the episode came as a shock to Indians. Netizens imagined what would happen if politicians in our country followed the same exercise