It seems people are obsessed with sparkly and shimmery glitter! Yes, a lot of makeup and lifestyle trends revolves around this beautiful glittery dust. The last time it was the glitter beard trends for men, when hipsters started covering their sexy beards in glitter. This time the glitter makes a comeback and women are sporting glitter freckles.

The trend is a hit on Instagram, where young women are seen wearing glitter freckles. Some of them naturally have the spots that are pronounced because of the sun, and have covered them with glitter. But then there are others who are sporting these for the pure fun of enjoying a new beauty trend that is set to sweep Instagram. So people are actually moving forward from the glitter eye shadow and are getting creative with glitter this season!

You too can try the glitter freckles,to make it look more savvy you can pair up the look with brightly coloured hair or a bold eye makeup or just an amazingly wild and bright lip hue. Simply place the glitter freckles on the nose, cheekbones and around eyebrows.(ALSO READ: Forget glitter beards, get ready for glitter armpits!)

It might be a bit difficult to remove them from you face. You can use your makeup remover and wipe your face sipped in the remover on a cotton pad. Then gently wipe off in circular motions. Then wash it all off with a foaming face wash and wash cloth. To know how to get this look, watch this video by video blogger Batalash Beauty. Although this popular trend can be messy to wear it is definitely going to make you stand out when others are still experimenting with glitter eye shadows!