Days after a Saudi Arabian diplomat was caught in India for the rape of his maids and running a sex racket, a video has surfaced showing a Saudi engineer beating up an Indian worker. The incident, said to have taken place in the holy place of Mecca, was captured on video and has gone viral. (ALSO SEE: Nepali maids raped by Saudi diplomat speak to Times Now – video)

But the Saudi government has denied the brutal man in the viral video is a Saudi national and said he was an Arab. The Indian being beaten with a whip was a worker engaged in the expansion on the Grand Mosque in Mecca, which recently had had an accident when its ceiling fell off.

In the viral video, the Indian worker is pleading for mercy, but to no avail. The video was first shared by Canadian journalist Tarek Fatah on his Facebook page. The engineer has reportedly admitted to the act in the video and also apologised to the Indian worker, after an investigation by the team of Abdullah Al Olayyan, director general of the Saudi labour ministry.

Watch the shameful video here!