When you think of dosa, what comes to your mind instantly? Does anything sweet include that imagination? Well, there is someone, who likes dosa with a sweet flavor in it. We are talking about a trending video on Twitter in which you can see a video of dosa being cooked with chocolate syrup, cashews, raisins, almonds, and cherries. Yes, you read it right.

A Twitter user named Darshan Pathak shared a video three days back in which the chef is preparing sweet dosa. He captioned the video “Things like this will make you lose faith in humanity!” Various dosa lovers came out in support of Darshan and showed their anger in the comment section of the video.

What’s really surprising is that the video has collected more than 95,000 views since being shared online. And, people are not seemingly liking this new version of their favourite South India dish. While some commented, why mess with perfection, others stated, how they could “unsee” the video.

See the video and the comments yourself here:


Like always, some people even supported the idea of making sweet dosa. They showed their willingness to give chocolate dosa a try. A person wrote “Delicious”, while another said, “It’s his version of a crepe, you’re overreacting.” What do you think? Would you like to try sweet dosa at least once?

If you remember, a few days back, a food war was going on the Internet over a video in which somebody was cooking Maggi noodles with rose and milk.