Just after the ban on Chinese video creating app TikTok, one of the world’s most popular mobile applications, has worried PUBG fans that online multiplayer game can be targeted next in India. Both apps have ‘inappropriate content’. Madras High Court issued a directive to the Government of India to ban downloads of TikTok app as it was believed to promote pornographic content. Likewise, it is assumed that exposure to PUBG could increase violence among the children.

Netizens are scared after TikTok ban that PUBG might be in the list now. Gujarat Police has requested Google to remove PUBG game from the play store and prevent its download in the jurisdiction of Rajkot city.

One of the Twitter users, also a fan of PUBG said, “Don’t give a fuck about tiktok ban , but pubg ban hua to talwarein chal jayegi. Tooofan aayega fir. #pubglover thoko like”.

Check out the reactions of PUBG lovers:

Both TikTok and PUBG are the hottest and trendiest apps in India. Both of them are being accused of corrupting the country’s youth. Some of the fans are talking about going back to older games like Left for Dead, Call of Duty, and GTA V.