Just ahead of the Republic Day 2016 Google India has come up with this revolutionary initiative called India in a Day. This project deals with capturing the essence of India in a day’s span. What makes this initiative different is the fact that this is not made by Google, but is a crowd sourced documentary project. Google India looked forward to the citizens of India to tell their story of 24 hours in the country.

Stories came from all around the corner of India and it was spun into this beautiful three-minute video produced by Ridley Scott and Anurag Kashyap. The first look of India in a Day is all about how technology and the internet made a revolutionary change in people’s life in India.

The video captures the busy streets, as well as the remote areas of the nation where the internet revolutionized the lives of the people who came forward to share the story with the world. The footage captured by the people have been included in the first look of this video. This video is right in the feels. You can watch the full feature length movie India in a Day later in 2016. watch the first look of India in a Day here.