Ahmedabad: In a heartwarming gesture, as many as 250 women in Ahmedabad got together to donate 90 litres of breast milk, so as to help save pre-mature babies battling for their lives.

These mothers who are a part of Arpan MOM (Mother’s Own Milk) bank routinely donate their breast milk, because the biological mothers of the babies are either too sick or are not able to provide their milk to them.

One of these mothers, Rushina Doctor Marfatia from Ahmedabad reportedly donated 12 litres of her breast milk and saved five pre-mature babies When she realised that she was producing more milk than her baby boy could feed on, it was then that she decided to donate.

Talking of the initiative, senior neonatologist Dr Ashish Mehta of Arpan Newborn Care Center said, “Rushina’s deed is priceless. Her milk served as a panacea for these fragile babies weighing anywhere between 600 gm and 1.5 kg who are more prone to infections.”

In a similar manner, another woman decided to donate after she saw a post on Facebook asking for breast milk for a sick premature baby at a private hospital. She donated 20 ml of milk and was delighted when the hospital called and told her that the baby was doing much better.

The other 248 women who have similar stories to tell, are surely making a difference through these heartening gestures and saving one baby, at a time.

As per doctors, breast milk is important for an infant’s survival and health, especially premature and sick babies.