How many times have you asked a friend to come over to your place – ahem, a “male” friend and then been judged for it? From everyone to your building aunty to the watchman and even your maid – judges you for it! There’s simply something wrong according to our Indian society if a girl and a guy hang out together. It doesn’t matter if they’re just friends and if they are spending an innocent evening just chatting and having fun – the Great Indian Sanskaar judges will judge – and then make your life hell.

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In the video, which All India Bakchod or AIB as they are popularly known, produces with TrulyMadly (another YouTube channel), they issue an apology from all your building guards, the cleaners, the washers and gardeners and even the daily bai who are indirectly responsible for spreading rumours about you and also for making your life hell. They see a thing, make a mountain out of a molehill and all of a sudden, your area and society is rife with news of how you “entertain guys” and therefore, are a bad charactered woman. But then, many times, the truth is far from being what they make it out to be.

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The video also challenges the question that who are we to judge and why do we judge a woman? What does it matter how she leads her life? Who her friends are? If she parties every night and if she wears her boyfriend’s clothes? How does it make anyone any difference at all and just how will her life affect that of society. Quite like the My Life My Choice video, this video too targets the stereotypical views and challenges them in the best possible way. The rap song by Kamla Bai is the best where, as a woman, she finally understands what the girls go through and then teaches them to not give a damn!

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The video is a great effort and needs to be played each time a flat is refused to a single woman, each time a girl is turned out of the society because of her “loose morals”, each time a girl is forced to do the walk of shame and each time a girl is judged for her actions because – she’s a girl! Great video AIB and TrulyMadly and a tight slap on the face of all double-standard moral police that our society breeds. Do you like this new cool and social message imbibed video by AIB? Let us know in comments below!