Watching this video, you will think: Why is this lady so stone hearted that she is not feeding her child? Why is she not even ready to come forward and carry the baby in her arms? How can a mother do such an awful thing? Here is a helpless mother whose infant is crying for milk but unfortunately she is not able to breastfeed her child. This is because she is HIV positive. (Read: Scientists develop new drug candidate for universally effective HIV vaccine)

This touching video, presented by Pocket Films, reminds us of the most deadly disease – AIDS or Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. It conveys an eye-opening message to females that before you decide to be a mother, be sure to undergo an AIDS test in a lab. This is because an HIV positive mother cannot breastfeed her child, as there is a chance of transmitting the disease.

Being a female is not an easy task. Further, when a woman becomes a mother, her role, behaviour and her entire life changes to a great extent. For a mother, her child is a bigger priority than herself. A mother puts her child’s interest before her own; a mother sacrifices for her child even before he/she is born.

So, Pocket Films makes every to-be mother understand that you are extremely important not for anyone else, but for your own child. Think twice before you step in to motherhood, check your health. Don’t forget that if you are in a good health, you can take better care of your child and will not have any problems feeding him/her. Watch the video below to know how the helpless mother felt when she was unable to feed her baby.

Edited by Shweta Parande