“What was she wearing?”, “Why was she out so late?”, “Why was she revealing her bra strap?” are some of the questions a woman is asked if an unfortunate event occurs to her. What I fail to understand is how does time of the day, the length of her dress, the size of her heels have to do anything with an assault. Every time a woman is raped, stalked or molested, everyone wants to know these answers which whatsoever is not related to the incident. The basic understanding of any sexual advances towards a human being without consent is a crime is forgotten. With the recent case of stalking of Varnika Kundu by Vikas Barala, son of Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Haryana unit President Subhash Barala in Chandigarh, women are talking to Twitter with a unique protest. It comes after Haryana BJP vice president Ramveer Bhatti remarked about the incident saying, “Parents must take care of their children… they shouldn’t allow them to roam at night. Children should come home on time, why stay out at night?”

#AintNoCinderella is gaining momentum on social media with more women tweeting about staying out till late in the night. As per reports, despite having clear evidence that it was a case of kidnapping, the case was booked under stalking. Congress leader Sharmishta Mukherjee and actor-turned-politician Divya Spandana tweeted selfies of themselves out past midnight with #AintNoCinderella after which it spread on social media like wild fire.  Mukherjee tweeted saying, “If I’m out at 12am, it DOES NOT mean I’m to be raped, molested, chased. My dignity is my right 24X7 #AintNoCinderella.”

Here are some of the tweets:

The hashtag soon caught with women on Twitter who starting posting pictures of themselves out post midnight.

Pay attention those who unnecessarily preach

Fair enough?

With all her sass

Because she #AintNoCinderella

Take notes if you need

More power to you!

Because she need not be a Cinderella

While the accused was let go off, Varnika was shamed for being out in the night and posing for pictures with male friends, with drinks in hand. On the basis of Varnika’s complaint, a case was registered by the Chandigarh Police under Section 354D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 185 (Motor Vehicle Act) of the CRPC.