Telecom operator Airtel was trolled on Monday after it accepted a customers’ outrageous request for a Hindu service agent to resolve her queries. The woman who is identified as Pooja Singh complained about the service engineer who misbehaved with her. She wrote, “@airtelindia pathetic Airtel DTH customer service. I raised a complaint about reinstallation of DHT, but assigned service engineer miss behaved with me. His words are “Tum Phone Rakho Dobara call mt krna” his number is+91 79-85195094. This is how Airtel is looting its customer.”

Following the tweet, Airtel customer care executive replied to her saying that the company would take a closer look at her complained and will get back shortly.

The Airtel’s DTH customer then demanded a Hindu representative as the customer care service agent named Shoaib appeared to be a Muslim. She said, “I have no faith in your working ethics because Kuran may have a different version for customer service”.

Her tweet reads, “Dear Shohaib, as you’re a Muslim and I have no faith in your working ethics because Kuran may have a different version for customer service, thus requesting you to assign a Hindu representative for my request. Thanks”.

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In the series of tweets, Airtel did not prefer standing up for their employee whose ‘work ethics’ was questioned on the basis of his religion but rather accepted the woman’s request and assigned another Hindu executive named Ganganjot to Singh. Within minutes, her exchange with Bharti Airtel India circulated all over the Internet and Twitterati slammed Airtel for accepting Singh’s outrageous demand and not standing up for its employee.

Many Twitterati outraged and said that such people are the reason for dividing India while others said that they would port their numbers to other telecom operators. Soon, the rising outraged forced Airtel to reply and clarify their stance.

Bharti Airtel India replied, “Dear Pooja, at Airtel, we absolutely do not differentiate between customers, employees and partners on the basis of caste or religion. We would urge you to do the same. Both Shoaib and Gaganjot are part of our customer resolution team.”