New Delhi: It must be a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant surprise for a few families residing in Solomon’s Avenue Flat in Kerala’s Thrissur district. Early this week they found that the tap water is not pure. It has alcohol mixed with it. The residents checked with one another and found out that 18 houses have been affected.

Free booze is good news but not when it meddles with water. So, the residents complained to the municipal and excise authorities and that’s the more interesting part of this story.

There was a bar near the apartment named Rachana. The bar allegedly stored 6,000-litre liquor illegally. The court had ordered to destroy the entire amount of the liquor. How to destroy liquor? According to reports, excise executives decided to dig a pit and dump the liquor there. The well from which the residents draw water is near the pit where the enormous amount of liquor was dumped. It seeped and got mixed with water.