What happened when a man tried to stop his younger brother from drinking alcohol by refusing to give him more money? In Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, the younger brother got so violent when he was refused money for alcohol that in a fit of rage, he bit off the upper part of his elder brother’s nose after attacking him in an inebriated condition. When bystanders tried to interrupt, he even attacked them and tried to bite them. The police are now investigating the whole incident.

This incident was reported on Thursday evening from Kannauj and according to reports, the man who bit his brother’s nose off is a regular user of alcohol. When he was refused the money to get more alcohol, he lost all control and attacked his elder brother with a sharp object and bit of the upper part of his nose.

When the police arrived at the crime scene, they were told that the man had been drinking and was under strong influence of alcohol at the time of the crime.  Even when others tried to intervene, they were met with the same amount of rage. He tried to bite others as well. Police investigation is underway and the accused has been arrested.