You will be amazed to see this one of a kind devil’s fingers! The alien life-form surfaced online when some pictures of the fungus and it’s different stages were seen online. The images focussed on red tentacles that appear to come from a fleshy egg-like sac. It is known as octopus stinkhorn in the gelatinous egg stage. If you check out the images in the video below, you will come to know why it was mistaken for an alien life-form by people online.

Many images of the devil’s fingers surfaced online taken in the New Forest. The pictures were shared by a person named Hoare, who works for Butterfly Conservation. The image shows the fungus in various stages of gelatinous egg form, the four arms press against the sac walls before breaking free ,the fungus standing almost upright out of the ground, before fanning out the fungus reveals a sticky black-brown substance. The brown substance helps to attract flies, to spread its spores to other locations.

The woodland fungus Devil’s finger is also known as octopus stinkhorn. Although the plant is native to Australia and New Zealand but has been introduced in other places as well over the years.It is now becoming increasingly common in the New Forest.Watch the video below to know more about it.