Finding UFOs and making up conspiracy theories about alien lives has been one of the most entertaining and fun parts for many people and the latest theory has ‘evidence’ as well. A video of three UFO like orbs flying over the International Space Station has left the conspiracy theorists super excited. The NASA live also captured this stunning phenomenon where three orbs of smoke were caught on camera. This video has started various conversations about aliens spying on us and watching all our moves. UFO seen in NASA video? Watch bizarre alien ship coming close to the International Space Station!

There have been several weird spotting of the UFO but this new video is the most believable and has fans super-pumped. The NASA Live Feed was first shared on YouTube by the channel, Third Phase of Moon. The Live feed shows three smoky rings travelling over the ISS. In a similar event, a teenager captured a similar phenomenon where three UFO like light orbs were seen flying towards the earth and drifting back and disappearing. NASA finally speaks on rumors of aliens life evidence! Asks people to ignore the anonymous video.

The NASA Live feed is not really clear and many people are dismissing this sighting as a cloud formation. A different video shot on a smart phone shows three orbs of lights flying in a formation and disappearing into the skies and is being shared as “3 UFO ORB Video” by people online. These videos have been making us question the possibilities of alien life and their interest in the humans living on Earth.

Watch NASA’s Live Feed that shows the three orbs

The Smart Phone video of the UFOs is definitely worth something

Such sightings actually happen with surprising regularity – and NASA has repeatedly said they’re just distortions in the lens but alien lovers and conspiracy theorists believe otherwise and these videos are surely raising a lot of questions. This new video has definitely helped such UFO lovers and surely raises the question “are aliens watching us?”