Agreed, agreed that Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan can do nothing wrong. He is immensely talented, brilliantly crafted artist; for god sake he is the biggest Khan when it comes to making money on the box office. Remember Jurassic World. We don’t think we need to say anymore. But we still feel one would doubt over him pulling off a Honey Singh track? And it is here when Irrfan Khan will once again leave you utterly surprised by being the ultimate swag in All India Bakchod’s new video Every Bollywood Party SongAlso Read: Top 12 Yo Yo Honey Singh songs: Are they good enough?

Irrfan Khan who is one of India’s best export to represent India on the international platform, specifically in the Hollywood. After the big success of his last outing Jurassic World, he has shown that he can do anything. But the AIB guys reminded him of doing one thing that he has never done before – Dancing to the tunes of a party song. The 48-year-old has not only heartily accepted the challenge but oh, boy he has nailed rapper Honey Singh’s Party All Night big time.

Irrfan and the AIB guys presenting this Party Anthem highlighted the clichéd nuisances of a typical party song in Bollywood. This spoof is targeted at Honey Singh’s similar attempts in all his videos. Taking potshots at the craze behind using bikini clad girls around a guy to rapping desi words to using profanity – Mind you, these are the superhit formula of making to the chartbuster. This party song video has got it all and you can never take your eyes off simply mind blowing and hilarious Irrfan Khan.