Bollywood’s official face for Kanyadan and Sanskar, Alok Nath celebrates his 61st birthday on July 10, 2017. The Indian actor who has been known for his authentic roles that are righteous and traditional is a popular internet sensation thanks to his sanskari memes. From the beginning of the Aashirwad memes in 2014, the actor has become internet’s favourite response for any situation and has been putting a smile on people’s face. As we celebrate the actor turning 61, people cannot help but turn to their favourite memes and jokes on Babuji to wish Alok Nath a Happy Birthday. The 8 Best Babuji Characters Alok Nath has Portrayed.

Alok Nath shared his birthday plans with the media houses and said that he enjoyed the traditional ways of celebrating this day by having home cooked sweets and visiting the temple. Talking to Hindustan Times, he said, “Birthdays are like any other days for me, except for what I have been doing for years. Also, like every year, my family will have small surprises ready for me. Junhai (his daughter) and Shivank (his son) usually have things planned, and I look forward to that.”

The actor became immensely famous with his sanskari memes that did the rounds on the internet and have never lost their charm. From being looked up to as the ideal Babuji in Bollywood to using turning towards the internet with his hip and new age web series, to actually being the host of a sex chat, Alok Nath truly has done it all and as we all celebrate this day, it is only logical to look back and enjoy some of the best Sanskari memes that we have all loved over the period of time! Here is a collection of our favorite Sanskari Memes featuring the one and only Alok Nath!

Too cool to have friends

alok nath meme 3

Seriously a lot of Kanyadans!

alok nath meme 2

I will find you

Aashirwaad for life!

alok nath meme 1

That Kanyadan Swag

The Sunburn meme

alok nath meme

Even Babuji ignores the haters

alok nath meme 4

While Alok Nath got nostalgic remembering the time he received letters instead of tweets and messages on his birthday, this new way has clearly let many fans wish the star and thank him for being one of the coolest actors who has turned things around. The actor who was stereotyped as the sanskari Indian has proved his swag time and again, so much so that his memes are now being used in campaigns to motivate people to plant trees and make a difference. We wish Bollywood’s favourite Babuji a very happy birthday!