Illinois, August 1: It was an amazing sight to watch and relish for those who could see it. 164 skydivers travelling at speeds upto 240mph jumped from a the unbeleivable height of 19,700 ft and flying head-down built the largest ever vertical skydiving formation Friday over central Illinois, smashing the previous record.

It was an amazing feat and one that came after a whopping 13 attempts by the International team. The divers broke the earlier record of the mid air formation by 138 divers by a huge margin. Also Read: This driver not only drove a car on two wheels but created a world record as well

The training required a lot of hard work and the team was selected after training in Spain, Australia and across the US. Seven aircrafts were flown in precise formation to ensure that the jumpers de-planed at the right place, time and altitude. But success was just as sweet!

The divers made a formation resembling a giant floating flower, floated above the rural drop zone in Ottawa, broke the formation and deployed their parachutes and then hooting and hollering made their way to the ground and the stupendous success! Also Read: ‘How Ridiculous’ sets new Guinness World Record with high-altitude Basketball shot!

The skydiving videographers taped their flying team members in mid flight and watching this video will give you goosebumps! Watch the video and marvel on the amazing achievement of these daring skydivers!