July 15: What would you do if you went to the beach and a shark was beached over there? Yes you heard it right, a shark. Bizarre right? Who would imagine this happening? And then your first impulse would be to put as much distance as you can in between you and the mammal.

But what these beach goers did was completely opposite! A seven foot long great white shark was stranded on a beach in Massachusetts, when it was trying to catch seagulls on the sandbar. The juvenile shark was beached when the tide went out and mammal lay there struggling to breathe. Read: 42-ft-long blue whale washed ashore in Alibaug, dies

This amazing video shows how the beach goers actively participated in the rescue of the baby shark by pouring bucket fulls after bucket fulls of water, until the officials tied rope around the shark’s body, tethered the rope to a motor boat and lead the shark in the water. After laying motionless for sometime, the animal suddenly seemed to jolt alive, after getting adequate water around it.