Amazing makeover: Grandmas turn Disney princesses! (Watch video)

We have seen makeovers of young girls and aunties, but featuring grandmas having makeovers is rare! BuzzFeed has gone ahead and shot grandmothers who went in for makeovers to look like Disney princesses. Some people change their appearance to simply look better, while some do it to look like their favourite movie or comic characters – like Kandee Johnson. (WATCH: Kandee Johnson shows you how to look like Audrey Hepburn)

The grandmas are sure having fun in this video, talking about feeling like princesses and having waited for their Prince Charming. “We were young once,” says one old lady, while another asks if she is going to be made up “like Cinderella or Princess Cinderella” (if you know the difference).

Another grandma in a polka dotted dress gets talking about what Snow White was all about. “Was she pure like ivory soap, or was she a f**king bitch?” says she. Watch video to see the fun!