WhatsApp is that one place where you tend to get a lot of promotional offers and videos but how do you know if it’s real or fake. There have been a lot of instances where people have fallen for fake messages and end up losing a lump sum of money.  This time again, people have been receiving WhatsApp forward of a fake website which looks exactly like Amazon. The message which is going viral is titled as ‘Amazon Big Billion sale offer’. It shows the items at discounted rates which are unbelievable.

Interestingly, it is just a ‘blogspot.com’ link with ‘Amazon Big Billion’ written on it but the site forget that the Big Billion sales belong to Flipkart and not Amazon. When you try to order a product from the fake site, it asks you to invite a minimum of 10 friends because we want to make it the greatest giveaway of the year.”

Among the items is Panasonic Mixer Grinder that costs Rs 4,699 on Amazon but is at a low price of Rs 10 on the fake site, a Canon camera that actually costs more than Rs 90,000 but is priced at Rs 199. The items lists also feature Apple Watch Series GPS at just Rs 11. Among other products on the list include Bluetooth speaker, headphones, Smartwatches and Smartphones.

However, WhatsApp has been trying to curb the issue of fake messages but there has been no respite whatsoever.

Users are advised not to fall for this fake website.