Amazon Prime Day sale that was held on July 15 and 16 worldwide was a treat to its customers. The sale offered the best prices and shoppers were able to buy their favourite thing in good deals. However, this year there was a major glitch. Enthusiastic photographers were able to buy high-end camera gear for only Rs 6,500 (USD 95) which originally costs at Rs 9 lakh (USD 13,000). The gears were from the camera brands Sony, Fujifilm and Canon. After the shoppers got hold of this major glitch, Amazon was flooded with people buying camera products.

Yes, you heard us right!

A Canon EF 800 lens was priced at Rs 6,500 that generally retails at Rd 9 lakh. Though the sale was for a limited time, shoppers took full advantage of the opportunity to purchase camera products at such a low price. The buyers were so excited that they also took to the Reddit thread to share it online. One user wrote, “I somehow got a $3,000 camera for $94 on Prime Day last night. It just seems a little too good to be true. Do you guys think it will ship or get cancelled because it was a glitch?” while the other wrote, “I too got some deals from the prime day ‘glitch’. $16,000+ in gear for about $800.”

Other user commented, “Amazon Accidentally Sold $13,000+ Camera Gear for $100 on Prime Day.”

Another user wrote, “Bought the most expensive camera bundle during the prime day glitch for 94.48. Thank you, Bezos!”