Amazon rainforest is still burning. Even after measures taken by the Brazil government and a subsequent ban on burning in the area, several new fire outbreaks have been recorded by the National Space Research Institute (INPE). A report published in Agence France-Presse said INPE released a new data within 48 hours of the ban which showed major new outbreaks in the forest.

As mentioned in the report, the satellite data showed 3,859 new outbreaks of fire, out of which around 2000 were recorded in the Amazon region. This adds up to the already scaling problem which has called for the environmentalists and leaders all across the world to pressurise Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro to take immediate steps to fight fire in the Amazon.

Several reports suggest that the fire is not natural or has been caused out of dry weather but it’s the result of deforestation and burning of fields to clear pastures for cattle ranching. As per another data released by INPE, “there are no natural fires in the Amazon in 2019” and this season has been recorded as wetter than the previous seasons.
Meanwhile, in his live Facebook broadcast on Thursday, Bolsanoro told people that “this year’s fires are below the average of recent years.”