In a surprising find, an amber has been found which is encasing a 99-million-year-old frog from the Cretaceous period. The yellow and vibrant shaped amber is visible and in which one could see the skeletal system with the limbs and the skull distinctively. One may not be able to see the remnants of a frog right away but upon close observation, you may be able to see the skeletal system of the frog.

As per a statement by the Florida Museum of Natural History, it has been found that the fossil dates back to the Cretaceous period and that gives the scientists evidence that frogs lived in a tropical environment for at least 99-million-years.

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The ambers were excavated from northern Myanmar and a new species of frogs were also discovered through these fossils called Electrorana limoae as per Nature’s Scientific Report that was published.

Even though frogs have been around for 200 million years the oldest fossil that was found in the Dominican Republic dates back 40 million years.

As per BBC Lida Xing who also authored the report found the fossil is nothing short of a ‘miracle’.

As per Gizmodo, the study’s co-author Davi Blackburn said, “Honestly, I’m still astonished that there are even frogs found in amber. It is a remarkable experience holding up these small gems and seeing the parts of frogs that look like they might have been left there last month.”

This has been a critical discovery that will help in the understanding of the evolution of the frogs through history.