Oct 15: In one of the most shameful treatment meted out to a woman, American Airlines kicked out a woman passenger off the flight just before the airplane was about to take off. The unexplained question that lies is ‘What did the woman do?’ The woman still does not know the reason for it. The Airlines was going from Phoenix to Portland when the incident happened. The woman had boarded Flight 408 from Oregon just like any other flight when an attendant started yelling at her.

The attendant came to the woman and asked her to leave the plane immediately. A woman attendant can be heard saying, “Tiana? Fough? Is that your last name? I need to have you come off the aircraft.” The woman not knowing what was happening split into tears and can be heard saying in utter shock, “Are you serious?” Further she is seen telling, “Why are you guys so mean to me? What did I do?” Well, her plea fell on deaf ears and was forced to leave. The only reason she was told was that she did not listen to the flight attendant. Then woman is heard further pleading saying, “I did not hear you guys talking to me.” (Also Read: GoAir, shame, shame’ scream passengers at Delhi Airport after Leh flight gets cancelled)

Bill Byrne who was sitting right behind the woman filmed the entire incident on his mobile phone and uploaded it on YouTube. Rest of the passengers gave the airlines a booing treatment while the woman was asked to leave. One of the passengers can be heard saying, “Never again on this airlines. Shame on American.” Fough is now seeking legal counsel questioning her rights. However, a man was immediately replaced after the woman was thrown off the flight.