Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s speech in Madison Square would have created a lot of news everywhere, but all of it has not been for his good. The popular comedian and political satirist, John Oliver did not spare Modi and his speech. Oliver in his usual manner accused Modi, he said that the Indian Prime Minister who was banned from entering into America before three months is suddenly becoming a star in the eyes of everyone in the country.

Even leading newspapers of US called him a ‘superstar’ and ‘hero’. Oliver further taking a dig at Modi joked about him sharing a stage with actor Hugh Jackman, of Wolverine fame, at the famous Central Park in New York and and quoted from Star Wars saying “May the force be with you”.

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He further went to calling him a cliche saying that it is amusing that his presence in Madison Square Garden had everything from dance performances and artist painting him live. He says that a few ties with the US got him all the fame. Calling his moves some weird and other inexplicable things, Oliver managed not to miss anything.