A round of applause for all the Americans from the Buzzfeed who had the patience to go through some of the gems of Yo Yo Honey Singh. Well although they are pretty much familiar with the Bollywood songs, this is the first time that these bunch of Americans got the Yo Yo Punjabi rapper’s treatment to some of the Hindi film songs.

Starting from Blue Hai Pani, Blue Eyes, Lungi Dance, Aata Majhi Satakli. They talk about the fake blue eyes, objectification of women in the video, Honey Singh air humping and more atrocious things that feature in Yo Yo’s music videos.Who else wants to join them and talk crap about Yo Yo Honey Singh? One of them mouths, “It’s so sickening, but I want to watch more of it.”

The way they can’t make anything out off the video is not surprising, since there is indeed nothing to make out of the Yo Yo Honey Singh music. Honey Singh’s music is the same old beat and tone, it is rather becoming monotonous with his attitude and nothing new on platter. It has been quite a while that we notice Honey Singh has nothing new to offer.

The only last recent song that worked wonders for him was the Dheere Dheere song featuring Sonam Kapoor and Hrithi Roshan. We are simply glad that they made out alive after the first time listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh.Check out Americans reacting to Yo Yo Honey Singh in the video below.