America's Got Talent 2015: This little kid singing Frozen song In Summer will amaze you with her confidence!

You’ve got to see this America’s Got Talent 2015 video now! If not for the little kid singing Frozen song In Summer, which will make you smile anyway, then for the confidence the child oozes. Heavenly Joy Jerkins is an American girl who casts a spell on the judges of  America’s Got Talent 2015 right after her entry. She is so smooth in front of the senior judges; she has no fear!

Heavenly also tap dances merrily while singing In Summer, the song we all love. Her cute formal outfit and her smile just add to the whole drama. On top of that, when a judge mentions that she doesn’t know of girl band Spice Girls – one of whom is amongst the judges – Heavenly smartly says, “I wasn’t born yet, no!” How cute is that!

Heavenly also already has an answer to the question ‘What would she do with the prize money of America’s Got Talent 2015?’ She would spend it on charity, of course! This little girl not only sings and dances well, but also knows how to be diplomatic! No wonder, she gets ‘Three yess’ on America’s Got Talent 2015. Catch the cute video here!