On Thursday, there were meant to be big protests in Bengaluru against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) which also led in section 144 being imposed across the city. Section 144 bans the gatherings of four or more persons.

One of the Twitter users’ tongue-in-cheek query to Bengaluru Police over the imposition of prohibitory orders in the city has evoked mirth among other social media users. The police wrote on its official Twitter handle @BlrCityPolice on Wednesday: “Section 144 (of the CrPC) imposed throughout the city. Educational institutions, banks and markets will remain functional. All transport services will be available tomorrow as usual. Don’t be in a panic.”

While most users asked questions about traffic and public transport services, one curious user wanted to know if December 19 will be a dry day. The user asked: “Will it be a dry day tomorrow?”

Much to his surprise, Bengaluru police had a clear and straightforward answer to the question. The police tweeted to allay his fears: “Everything will run normal.” The Twitter user was not done yet. He responded: “Thank you Saaaar, you made my day.”

Check the reactions here:

One user remarked: “Man’s got his priorities right.”

“Our local hero — a concerned citizen asking an important question,” commented a Twitter user.

Another posted: “What Bengali thinks today, India will think tomorrow.”

One post read: “Even I wanted an answer to this question. Thanks.”

“Corrected: Everything will rum normal,” said one user.