Whenever there is an important event, announcement or issue in India, there is one person who always has a witty remark to make. It is none other than the wide-eyed Amul girl! The moppet, wearing a polka-dotted dress, is one of the longest-standing mascots in advertising. Her clever and crisp remarks are a perfect blend of the brand message with a take on the ongoing issue, and is always a fun read. The play of words and its depiction by the painter of the Amul ‘topical’ makes for a win-win combination. Recently, veteran actor Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics, and without wasting any time, Amul has released a topical in its typical style. 

Amul's Topical Ad Congratulating Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma for Their Wedding is Winning the Internet

Amul's Topical Ad Congratulating Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma for Their Wedding is Winning the Internet

The topical was released on Amul’s Twitter handle on January 2 at around 4.50 pm. The lines on the topical state: Rajinitea? – which is a mixture of Rajinikanth’s name with the Hindi word for politics, ‘Rajniti’. The ‘tea’ is perhaps hinting towards a possible alliance with BJP [PM Narendra Modi’s connection with tea is known to all]. News reports state that a day after the south superstar announced his entry in politics, the Tamil Nadu BJP president Tamilisai Soundararajan spoke about her party’s hope that “Rajini will support NDA as his policy very similar to the BJP’s”.

The topical shows a kurta-clad Rajinikanth enjoying a slice of buttered bread. Standing beside him is Rajinikanth in his Robot avatar and holding a glass of hot tea. Besides the ‘Rajinitea?’ caption, the topical also has the lines, ‘Amul: Party Favourite’, written on it. This is a brilliant example of Amul’s two-pronged approach. One way of interpreting this is that Rajinikanth announced the launch of his political party, and hence this line. Another way is that Amul butter is a ‘party favourite’!

View the Amul topical here:

On December 31st, Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics with the words “I will do my duty… it is time. We will change the system.” The 67-year-old declared in Chennai that he will form a new party and contest all 234 seats of Tamil Nadu in the next assembly elections. Besides Rajinikanth, another south superstar, Kamal Haasan, had also announced his intention to enter politics last month.