Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s vocabulary has often made Twitterati run for their dictionaries. The man who gave us ‘farrago of distortions’ on Friday dropped another word and Twitter like always made the tweet go supremely viral. Tharoor who is known for showing off his vocabulary tweeted ‘rodomontade’ and the Twitter users thanked him for teaching everyone yet another impressive word. Following the buzz on the word, Amul topical ads which are known for the creative writing and usage of words in the most innovative manner has made a tribute to the man. “Tharooraurus anyone?” read the Amul ad impressing Twitterati.

Shashi Tharoor Just Used Rodomontade in a Tweet, Twitterati Run to Fetch a Dictionary

Shashi Tharoor Just Used Rodomontade in a Tweet, Twitterati Run to Fetch a Dictionary

And soon the parliamentarian replied saying, “Butterly honoured. But I feel like a Tharoorosaurus Rex, an ancient creature soon to be extinct, snuffed out in a cloud of incomprehension.” And Twitter once again loved the MP’s usage of ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ and praised him for playing with words. Even former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah tweeted about Tharoor’s love for words asking people learning English to follow him.

Here is Shashi Tharoor’s tweet:

Here is Amul’s tribute to the man of words:

The man himself replies:

Omar Abdullah has a suggestion for English learners:

On Thursday, Tharoor in a tweet addressed everybody who parodied his style of writing and speaking by saying that he chose his words to fit the ideas he wanted to convey and not because they are “obscure or rodomontade ones”. His tweet has been ‘liked’ over 13,000 times and retweeted more than 2,800 times. In the ad, the Amul girl looks shocked with a dictionary as she looks for words with Tharoor smiling next to her. A Twitter bird next to them is seen chirping away showing the politician’s tweeting habit.