The video of the Vogue Empower Deepika Padukone starring  divided opinion amongst people. While the video garnered polar reactions, Amul came up with a cool version for their brand, cashing in on the internet uproar. In the video titled, ‘My Choice’, Deepika Padukone appeared in the video with 98 other women from Mumbai and was directed by Homi Adajania, produced by Dinesh Vijan. As it has been for every sketch, where the dairy brand tried to get a humorous angle out of trending stories. This time, Amul featured the famous grab of the video (Deepika’s hair blowing in the wind) to market their product. Amul ad’s in their banner read, ‘It’s my choice, to use a butter knife or use my fingers’. (READ-Deepika Padukone’s My Choice and Govinda’s Meri Marzi – the mashup that wins the Internet!)

The Bollywood actress, who battled for women’s equality in a video for Vogue’s women empowerment initiative, received harsh criticism from politicians, feminists and even from the Bollywood industry. Her contemporaries, Sonakshi Sinha and Kangana Ranaut also rubbished her idea of sex outside marriage and said that empowering is not about sex alone.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat heavily criticised the video saying, “When god wanted to be everywhere, he created mother. But now that has become an old concept. Now I have a choice. Now you see we have a choice (video). Now you are a body, a commodity. This is the height of lack of consciousness.” He also rubbished the ideas of the sexism in the video and said, “While foreigners keep marvelling about India’s rich culture, and traditional ways that were far more scientific, we continue to follow the West and shun our own traditions and cultures. We have lost our consciousness, our identity.”

After the video went viral, several versions depicting a ‘man’s choice’ came out using the same concept which said that if women believe to committing adultery as freedom, then men has the same right and should not be insulted of cheating their partners. The video titled ‘unofficial male version of Deepika Padukone – My Choice’ had also created a similar buzz.