Amul shocks Indian with deeply sexist and regressive TV commercial! Take a look (Video)

Just the other day we had shared a wonderful television commercial (TVC) with you that was very progressive in its thinking. It showed a young woman being friends with and taking care of her ex-mother-in-law from a distance, without any qualms. And now comes this deeply regressive TV advertisement of Amul that lens support to stereotypes like only girls play with dolls and stuffed toys while boys play with superhero dolls or just play cricket.

As soon as the ad was released a week ago, it suffered a backlash on social media. Even some top-ranking marketing professionals tagged Amul and made the dairy cooperative realise its folly. The ad is being called totally sexist and smelling of gender bias.

Amul tries to hard sell it by calling it Har Ghar Amul Ghar – Pyara Bandhan, and making an emotional pitch. But the concept itself doesn’t seem to work – that of a little girl shooed away for buying dolls and Teddy bears for her baby brother, and as she sulks in the corner, she is wooed by her father with Amul products! All this, while explaining that she has a baby boy for a brother ‘cos all the girl children with God are over! Does that also hint at female infanticide or foeticide?

This confusing and sexist Amul video ad has really not worked with urban Indians, many of whom believe in the one-child philosophy without bothering about it being a girl or a boy.

Amul on its part has said that the ad is simply about a father and daughter’s relationship and not something to be taken so seriously. Watch the Amul ad here and tell us if you think it is indeed sexist!