You must have watched several videos on cleanliness. They end up sending out serious messages which tend to get all preachy and boring, so much so that viewers forget the real message. But what we have in our box is a video that will make you laugh out loud. And, we bet you won’t forget the cleanliness message this time.

The video doing the rounds is a perfect example of instant karma. The viral clip shows the person being instantly rewarded for littering. It shows a man eating a banana and throwing the peel on the road. However, before he could realise his mistake, he is rewarded for his deed. A woman passing by has a cactus plant in her hand, she slips on the peel and the cactus pricks him right in the groin.

Though the video is obviously staged, it has left the Twitterati ROFL-ing. Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra also shared the video with the caption, ”Fell off my chair laughing! No better ad for Swacch Bharat. Govt of course can’t use a video with such ‘crude’ humour but think it’s ok for me to share it? Should make some idiots think twice before littering. A good laugh serving a good cause!”

Watch the video here: