The Internet is a vast field of some funny and incredible videos. One such video has been uploaded by Rene Casselly on Instagram. In the video, he is seen performing somersaults on an elephant and it’s amazing. This video will definitely remind you of Baahubali: The Conclusion’s first scene where Prabhas is seen climbing on an elephant. Well, the only difference is that was fictional and this is absolutely a real stunt.

In the past, he has uploaded videos to his Instagram account showing acts with horses and elephants. In the latest one, he is seen performing an acrobatic movement in which he turns head over heels in the air and lands on his feet perfectly. The video also indicates that how finely the elephant has been trained.

He also performs in Hungary’s National Circus where he performs amazing stunts with animals. In his circus performances, he is flicked in the air by the elephant’s trunk and tumbles from one elephant to other.

Watch the video here

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Rene Casselly is a half Belgian and a half-German who is an animal trainer. He spends his days performing stunts on five African elephants.

Rene once said, “They are like my family and my pets as well. I grew up with them. I don’t know anything else, they are like my brothers and my sisters. I have a really close relationship with them and I think that’s what allows me to do the stunts that I do.”