The partial solar eclipse is also known as ‘Ring of Fire’ will be taking place on Thursday, December 26 and it will be visible in some parts of India. During the last celestial phenomenon of the year, Rationalist and President of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Association (FIRA), Narendra Nayak announces that he will swimming outdoors and consuming food while he observes the partial solar eclipse. The step is to dismiss the misconception about the solar eclipses which suggests that exposure to sunlight during the time of an eclipse can cause skin diseases and other physical harm.

He also stated that the members of Dakshina Kannada Rationalist Association will be observing the eclipse at the Mangaluru City Corporation swimming pool.

Nayak said in a statement, “By swimming during the time (of solar eclipse), almost whole of the body will be exposed to the rays of the eclipsed sun. We have also decided to watch the eclipse using specially procured glasses and consume food during that time.”

He further added, “Me and my like-minded friends will be swimming in the pool when the solar eclipse will be at its peak at 9:10 am on Thursday morning. The group has opposed superstitions and even during previous eclipses, group members had prepared and served food.”

He also stated that interested public members are welcome to observe the partial solar eclipse at the swimming pool.

In this phenomenon, the Moon is quite far from the Earth and once it crosses the sun, a negative shadow also known as Antumbra will be visible in the form of the ring of fire. This is what is known as annural eclipse.

In India, the solar eclipse will begin at 8:26 am and will continue till 11:32 am. It will be third and the last solar eclipse of this year. The eclipse will start at 8:04 am and will be a total solar eclipse by 9: 25 am. At that time, the sun will appear like a ring surrounding the moon. At one moment of the eclipse, the sun will appear like a diamond ring.

The first lunar eclipse of the year 2020 will take place on January 10. However, the eclipse won’t be much noticeable due to its penumbral status.