Chennai: Residents in Chennai woke up to a pungent smell on Monday morning as the famous Marina Beach was blanketed with thick white foam. Known for being the longest naturally occurring beach in India, the famous tourist hot spot was frothing with toxic foam.

According to the experts , the foam could have been formed because of rains that Chennai has received for the last couple of days. Another reason for the foam could be the presence of chemicals in the beach. The dreadful situation has not only affected the business of fishermen but also the tourism flow.


Experts have also warned that white foam can cause skin issues if touched, however, people have ignored the warnings. Many children were seen playing and taking selfies in the clouds of white suds on Marina Beach, as they did not realize the hazardous effect of the foam.


Meanwhile, The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board said it is analysing samples from the foam, which has spread several kilometres along the beach. A local pollution control official told the Indian Express, that authorities hoped that the pollutants in the water would subside “within a day or two”.

After pictures of the toxic foam surfaced on Twitter, people compared it to the Yamuna river, which also witnessed a similar fate and expressed outrage

Last month, thousands of devotees offered prayers along the banks of the river Yamuna which was covered with toxic foam to mark the end of Chhath Puja. Pictures of people worshipping the Sun God while being surrounded by knee-high toxic foam had now gone viral.